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Creating New Access & Secret Key

Apito AWS Lambda Function Extension needs Access and Secret Key in-order for your logic function to operate. You can use your old credential if you have any, but it is recommended to create a new IAM in AWS for apito.

Creating AWS Users for apito#

Login to AWS Console and navigate to IAM Section. Click on the Users from the Left side menu and click Add user button. Follow the steps below to create a new user

  1. Enter a User name and on Access Type select Programmatic access and click Next
  2. Set permissions by selecting Attach existing policies directly tab like below Apito Console - User Accounts
  3. Search for lambda permission and check AWSLambda_FullAccess. Click next
  4. Add your tags ( Skip it if you do not know what it is). Click next
  5. Click on Create user button

Congratulation! You have successfully created a new user in AWS that has Lambda Access.


Be sure to save your Access Key ID and Secret access key to someplace safe. You need these two in-order to enable AWS Extension in apito.