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Modeling Your Project

Database modeling is the most crucial part of your project. Model is the base of what your api will look like. A model represents an entity of your business logic. For example if you are making an e-commerce website your model name could be, Product, User, Order, Report, Shop etc.

Creating a Model Entity#

In order to create model Model first click on the Models from the top navigation bar and click on the button on left side called CREATE A MODEL. You will see a page like below. Enter your model name and click CREATE MODEL. You will see a success message afterwards

Apito Console - Model

Creating Fields Inside Models#

Click on the model from the left side menu in-order to add fields to a model. You will see a button appear in the body of the page called ADD A FIELD / RELATION. Click on that button to add fields to your model. Choose your relevant field type ( Text, Number, Date, Dynamic List etc) and fill up the necessary fields and click create.

Creating Relations Between Models#

In order to add relations between models click on the ADD A FIELD / RELATION button and select Relation from the list. You will see options like the picture below. Now you have to configure Forward and Backward Relationship. For example, If you are creating a relations between a products and category, Forward Relationship for that particular case could be Products Has Many Categories and Backward Relationship could be Categories Has Many Products (Many-to-Many Relationship)

Apito Console - Model